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Sweet Like a Champion (Bees)

Shooting Dirty Pool (Replacements)

Desire (Dilly Dally)

Electric Co. (U2)

Butterflies (Verve)

Old World (Modern Lovers)

Tangled Up in Blue (Dylan)

Maps and Legends (REM)

I Was In The Air (Innocence Mission)

Valentine’s Day is Over (Billy Bragg)

Glamorous Glue (Morrissey)

Tulips (Bloc Party)

Flowers (Psychedelic Furs)

Breathe (Maria McKee)

Wallflower (The Monochrome Set)

Bluebird (Alexis Ffrench)

The Weaver (Paul Weller)

Tropicalia (Beck)

Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (Annie Lennox)

Summer-Blink (Cocteau Twins)

Pinball Wizard (The Who)

Good Day Sunshine (Beatles)

Walk This Land (E-Z Rollers)

Starman (Bowie)