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Spinning in Daffodils (Them Crooked Vultures)


Go Find Someone

But remember to practice safe sex, please.


The Queens’ Secrets

Yes, Dave Grohl is king.

Never thought I’d fancy a ginger, but goodness me—pleasantly caving in, I come undone (she says, blushingly).

Wanna Be

Oddly, I discovered the Eagles of Death Metal quite a while ago, when I read a Guardian article in which people in the music industry recommended their favourite “Valentine’s Day” songs. Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age recommended the Eagles of Death Metal, so I immediately checked them out. That he himself plays in the band (a fact I believe he neglected to mention in the article) only made him appear even more lovably cheeky (rather than shamelessly self-promoting).

Enjoy “Wanna Be in LA” from Heart On, their most recent album. (There is a rather cool alternative video here.)

Their greatest song of all time has got to be “Speaking in Tongues,” but I’ve chosen a more recent one because as they’ve grown, they’ve really learned to maximize videos for all their hip and hilarious potential (while not abandoning the “girl in bikini dancing” motif they clearly seem so fond of).