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Good Day Sunflowers

Remembering Autumn

Thanksgiving Visitor SW.jpg

Autumn in a Children's Book SW.jpg

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Pileated Woodpecker (and Friends)

Pileated Woodpecker IK.jpg


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First Colors of the Year

In the last two weeks, there was some sign of life in the garden, but it looks like the snow did some damage. However, a few plants maintained their determination, and today the first colors of the year showed themselves.

First Daffodil

First Hyacinths


My garden here is still not as pretty as the lovely walled one I had at home, but I worked very hard on it this summer and this makes me feel nice. Two deer came by the very day the sign arrived.

Gardening is Good

This year’s been difficult, garden-wise. The city’s construction destroyed a tree (my favorite, as I used to plant flowers inside a hole so it looked like they were tumbling out). Then the heat got stupid, which led to a water ban. But I managed to keep my flowers alive, including my rosebushes.

This is why gardening is good: since May 28, I have had a fresh bouquet of flowers next to me at my desk every single day. Pretty colors, lovely smells and the magic of nature.I don’t know how many more I’ll have this year, but I’ve really enjoyed having such a treat.