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Carolyn’s Fingers

The Cocteau Twins are one of my favourite bands of all time. There is nothing like them in the world. They have a perfect combination of everything that makes beautiful music. Additionally their album artwork perfectly compliments the sounds within. However, I have always felt slightly disappointed with their videos. Firstly, there aren’t enough of them. Secondly, I guess I just had higher expectations. Their official website actually says:

“Of all the bands to come out of the early 1980’s—the decade of MTV and the music video—the Cocteau Twins are among the few who chose not to exploit the medium to their commercial advantage. It came down to a simple desire to either do something unique with video or nothing at all. From 1988 (with the advent of a major label recording contract with Capitol), fans could expect one or two—often visually rich—videos with each album release. Unfortunately, the major music video networks had little interest in putting them in heavy rotation, so many people have never seen one.”

Anyway, I wanted to share some Cocteau Twins this week but have been struggling to find the best one. The song I really wanted to share was “Alice,” but they didn’t make an official video for it so I’ve just linked it to a fan created one on YouTube. (The Cocteau Twins have inspired many fan-made videos for you to browse there.) Instead I’ve decided to share “Carolyn’s Fingers,” which I believe is the first Cocteau Twins song I ever heard.

In some way, the visuals aren’t really even needed so I do encourage you to check more of the actual music out elsewhere.