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Wonders of Life

An informative review of Brian Cox’s show, Wonders of Life.

This is What I Miss About British Television

I don’t have television here (I have a television but no cable or local stations so I only use it to watch my DVDs). I know people say that there are good American television shows being made, and these are people I trust, but since I can’t watch the shows, I don’t miss not being able to see them. However, I just think on the whole British television is better. I suppose the shows I miss most are the panel quizzes—to me they blend ideas/current events and comedy so well. I’ve gotten caught up on QI and Have I Got News for You, my two favourites. I’ve also been watching 8 out of 10 cats and Mock the Week (both sometimes hit or miss but I do love Sean Lock). However, there’s a special place in my heart for Newswipe and Screenwipe. I’ve even watched Gameswipe though I don’t have any interest in games. Charlie Brooker is something else—I really don’t think you’d ever see anything like this here.

Here’s a bit of Newswipe where he looks at US news shows. All of the episodes are available on YouTube; watch them if you’ve got time.

I love him a little bit.