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Stained Glass

Stained Glass 1 SW.jpg

Stained Glass 2 SW.jpg

Stained Glass 3 SW.jpg

These photos are of art created by Sievers Stained Glass from Batavia, Illinois.
Find out more about their work by emailing sieversstainedglass@gmail.com.



ConfettiTo see more of my art, please visit my shop at Imagekind.

Abstract Palette

PaletteTo purchase this picture, go to my shop at Imagekind.

Blue Mirrors

MirrorsTo purchase this photo, please visit my shop at Imagekind.

L’√Čtoile de Mer (A Film by Man Ray)

Baggage Claim by Ron Baron: Art at the Airport

Art At Airport-Ron Baron

For more of Ron’s art, visit his website.

Duchamp’s Readymades