Looking In and Out


Look Down (Spring)

Look Down SW.jpg

Pink Garden Weeds UP1 Saturation Smooth Crop.jpg

Violets in Yard Fill UP1 Clarity Saturation Smooth Crop SW

Fuzzy Dandelion in Sun 2 Clarity Cartoon1 Smooth SW.jpg

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Look Up (Spring)

Side Road Green Bud Trees with One Cut Tree Wide FIll Smooth SW.jpg

White Blossoming Tree in Sun SW.jpg

Cherry Blossoms with Blue Tops Cartoon1 Crop SW.jpg

Side Road Delicate Two Shades of Gold Bud Trees Fill Orton SW.jpg

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Jenn's Lily on White Long Bright UPDLX SW.jpg

Jenn's Two White Roses Fill Bright BW7 UPDLX Rotate SW.jpg

Jenn's Lily on White Square Clarity Bright Contrast WatercolorDLX InkWashDLX SW.jpg

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Gradefruit Slice Clarity UPDLX Orton SW.jpg

Blood Orange Slice Cartoon2 Crop Contrast SW.jpg

Citrus Slice without Peels Bright Contrast CLarity UPDLX SW.jpg

Peach GraphicDLX SW.jpg

Banana 2 Cartoon2 Orton SW.jpg

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Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea Square UPDLX HDRDLX SW.jpg

Red Roses with Blue Hydrangea 1 Saturation UPDLX HDRDLX SW.jpg

Pink Tipped Roses

Pink Tipped Rose in Rain Close Up Clarity UPDLX Fill Saturation SW.jpg

Pink Tipped Roses UPDLX Saturation SW.jpg

Woods on a Snowy Afternoon

Stumps with Leaves Clarity Fill Smooth SW.jpg

Wiggly Trees with Snow HDRDLX Fill UPDLX CrossHatchDLX Orton SW.jpg

Trunks in Snow with Green HDRDLX Orton SW.jpg