Looking In and Out


Pondering America

It’s been two years now.


Neither Drunk nor Particularly Melancholy

It’s now 2010.

I just had an instant message from a seventeen year old student of mine from England (it’s 1.05 here and 6.05 there). She’s just got(ten) home and is waiting for some friends to arrive to carry on the celebrations. I am in my pajamas, getting ready for bed.

Life, it’s a funny old thing, isn’t it?

Happy New Year.

As I no longer enjoy hangovers, I’ve decided that whenever I feel like “loosening up” and getting a bit tipsy, I’ll just stare at this picture until I feel like vomiting and stumble into bed to have bad dreams.

Job done.

Wish List

Even though I miss this greatly, I feel it’s probably inappropriate to ask for it for Christmas.