Looking In and Out


Christmas Lights Tour

Christmas Tour Gold and Blue Going Up with Black Orton Crop SW.jpg

Christmas Tour Red Gold Green Paperclips Orton SW.jpg

Christmas Tour Red and Gold Swings Saturation Orton SW.jpg

Christmas Tour Gold Blue ad Green with Black Orton Hue SW.jpg

Christmas Tour Fire Like Crop Orton Crop SW.jpg

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Golden with Pink and Purple

Berries in Honey Cream SW.jpg

Liquid Gold SW.jpg

Fruit Juice SW.jpg

Purple Gold Orange Bubble 3 Smooth GraphicDLX CrossHatchDLX Saturation HDRDLX Orton SW.jpg

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Boston Buildings

Colors_Buildings SW.jpg

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Stained Glass

Stained Glass 1 SW.jpg

Stained Glass 2 SW.jpg

Stained Glass 3 SW.jpg

These photos are of art created by Sievers Stained Glass from Batavia, Illinois.
Find out more about their work by emailing sieversstainedglass@gmail.com.




Old School

Underwood FB.jpg

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Youngstown, Ohio

Downtown Youngstown, Ohio Intersections SW.jpg

Historic Stambaugh Building, Youngstown, Ohio SW.jpg

Downtown Youngstown, Ohio Hotel SW.jpg

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