Looking In and Out


Boston Buildings

Colors_Buildings SW.jpg

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Stained Glass

Stained Glass 1 SW.jpg

Stained Glass 2 SW.jpg

Stained Glass 3 SW.jpg

These photos are of art created by Sievers Stained Glass from Batavia, Illinois.
Find out more about their work by emailing sieversstainedglass@gmail.com.




Old School

Underwood FB.jpg

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Youngstown, Ohio

Downtown Youngstown, Ohio Intersections SW.jpg

Historic Stambaugh Building, Youngstown, Ohio SW.jpg

Downtown Youngstown, Ohio Hotel SW.jpg

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Older Things

Close Up Old Clock FIll HDR2 InkWashDLX UPDLX Orton

Bumpy Lamp in Three Mirrors 1 Fill Saturation GraphicDLX Orton

Flower Vase Stained Glass Angle Fill Hue GraphicDLX Fill Orton

Ladders with Statue Fill Smooth

Gumball Machine Smooth Cartoon1 Cartoon2 UPDLX Orton

Bloomington Out Window with Glass 1 HDR2 Fill Orton Saturation Fill Smooth

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(Items in photos are sold at Jeff’s Warehouse, Bloomington, Indiana)

Stone Buddha

Buddha with Staff GraphicDLX Smooth

Buddha with Staff Negative Fill Smooth

Stone Buddha Head GraphicDLX Smooth

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