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National Poetry Month: The Poetry Society (Hancock’s Half Hour)

My Lovely Horse (Father Ted)

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Sting (Twat)


from Viz

The Lavender Hill Mob

Benjamin Katz Is A God

Pouring Liquid Uphill

John Oliver on Prisons

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I Don’t Want To Be Nice (John Cooper Clarke)

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Poor Little Errol

Love Can Be A Little Bit (Tim Key)

Sherlock Spoils Everything (But I Don’t Spoil Sherlock)


Science: It’s Dastardly

Never Trust An Atom

I’ve Had A Snog With One of the People Here

Miles Jupp’s Laughter Life Everything Better

Count Arthur Strong

The Cornetto Trilogy Is Complete

and every single bite was delicious.

Only For the Hardcore UK Raver

Doctor Who? It’s Peter Capaldi and It’s Brilliant

If you’re not familiar with Peter Capaldi, you’ve missed some brilliant work. He is best known as Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It and In The Loop. It’s a genius role. He’s been in other stuff as well. Basically, he’s just great.

Plus once I was watching a true crime show and thought I recognised the voiceover as his and I was right. I know Malcolm Tucker’s dirty little secret!

Here are some great moments of Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker:

Malcolm Explains Star Wars


Malcolm Has His Final Say


Malcolm Swears and Swears and Swears and Swears and . . .


from FuckYesPeterCapaldi.tumblr.com

from FuckYesPeterCapaldi.tumblr.com

How to Play Yellow Car

It’s harder than you think.

Wonders of Life

An informative review of Brian Cox’s show, Wonders of Life.