Looking In and Out

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Big Tragic Eyes (Figure Ground)




Owl Close Up Fill Crop SW.jpg

Two Owls Three Eyes IK SW.jpg

Owl Looking Behind Fill Crop CartoonDLX Fill Smooth SW.jpg

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Fabliau of Florida (Wallace Stevens)

Fabliau of Florida, Wallace Stevens.jpeg


Pelicans Feeding IK DW.jpg

Dolphin Jump 10 Crop Fill Bright UPDLX Orton SW.jpg

Beach Dog Play 5 FIll Crop Orton SW.jpg

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Crayon Sun (Throwing Muses)

Bright as Crayons

Awards Ceremony Flowers Yellow Rose 2 Fill UPDLX SW.jpg

Bouquet with White IK SW.jpg

Bright Fun Flowers IK SW.jpg

Inside Awards Ceremony Lots of Little Pinks Fill GraphicDLX Fill Saturation Orton SW.jpg

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Round (Cocteau Twins)