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The Key (Kristin Hersh)




Etsy Keys Lined Up Paper White Light 1 GraphicDLX WatercolorDLX Fill Fill Bricks4 Bright Orton SW


Some Questions about the Storm (Hilda Raz)

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 02.22.19.png

Night Storm

Night Storm SW.jpg

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Maggie’s Farm (Bob Dylan)

Grocer’s Farm

Kroger Corn Fill UPDLX Crop Orton SW

Green Onions Fill InkWashDLX Crop Smooth SW

Red Onions SW

Broccoli Crop Fill Cartoon1 Smooth SW

Kroger Peaches Edit Chromatic2 UPDLX Clarity Orton Crop SW

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“Long Live the Weeds” (Theodore Roethke)